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We know what we are talking about! (and if we don't we will find out for you!) We understand how frustrating it is to talk to somebody who has no idea what you're talking about - we've all been there.

We offer real value for money and serious trade prices to everybody. As we have all our products delivered direct to you via our ever expanding network of reliable suppliers, all the costs of overheads are minimised - this saving is what we are passing on to you, our customer.

Know the quality of timber: Quality affects timber values just as it does any other product.

Timing is important in getting the best price for wood. The best time to sell, obviously, is when demand for timber is up and prices are at a peak. This is easier said than done but you do need to be aware of current stumpage prices and market conditions in your particular local market. With the exception of a specific disaster (from pests, weather, fire), you should not be rushed into a sale. Trees, unlike other farm products, can be stored on the stump during poor marketing conditions. One constant that history confirms is that timber values eventually go up.