1. Timber & Building Materials

  2. 23 years of Experience

  3. With 5 branches in Kerala

  4. Local & Imported Timbers


PMJ has started to import durable & quality timbers like Sal, Teak, Merbau to International from Kannur. At the initial stage of our development, we supplied timber as logs and then cu-sizes, throughout Kerala and also nearby states to fulfill the needs of clients. As we adopt uncompromising quality management system, PMJ became the first achiever of various certificates from Forest Department among the timber traders at Kerala.

Subsequently this standard has been updated.With the aim of expanding our tarading horizon as well as in providing quick service to our valuable clients, PMJ had established stockyards and sawmills at the following prominents places in Kannur, Kerala PMJ timbers at Vayattuparambu,Kannur in the year 2007.

Through our expanded branches, we had started to cater various forms of timbers as per the requirement of our clients in the following development sectors : Standard sizes for Building Construction Materials for Bus and lorry body builders Cut sizes for interior designs Cut sizes for Flooring Required sizes for Government contracts.